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USA 2016

Vacation in the USA in 2016. Started out with a road trip from Seattle, Wa to Denver, Co. Last week was spent in Minneapolis.

We stayed a few days in Seattle/Tacoma before heading towards the Cascades. Unfortunately it was quite cloudy and rainy, so we didn't get to see the mountain tops.  Moved on to Portland, Or where we stayed the night. Headed south east along the Oregon trail, down to Boise, ID. 

Craters of the Moon in Id, was quite extraordinary.  Continued to Loagan, Ut for the night. Had a brief visit to Salt Lake City, before heading south for the parks.

Visited Bryce Canyon and Zion Park. Probably need to come back to take some more photos. Drove down south to Arizona to get to Horseshoe bend and to drive east to the four corners monument. On our way we were also able to visit Mesa Verde National Park.

Drove into Canyonlands national park. It was huge, and we didn't want to hike, so we didn't stay very long.  Last park was Arches, before heading to Colorado. Did a de-tour through Aspen, before heading for Denver.

Enjoyed the visit to Rocky Mountain National Park, but really should have had more time.

The tour blog can be found here: USA 2016


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